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App Development

What is App Development?

Smartphones have become our most indispensable life tool and home to the apps that we rely on every day. Without a mobile app, your business is behind the curve. By developing a highly functional, visually engaging app, you are making your business “top of mind” for customers. Luckily, Falco Digital can help!

Having an app opens your business 24/7, giving customers the chance to engage with you whenever they want. A functional and relevant mobile app is your company’s best foot forward into today’s marketplace. The entire world has gone mobile making it difficult to succeed with only a storefront and a website.

Benefits of an App

    • Increase Profits
      Having a mobile app is like having a second storefront—it gives your customers another location to interact with your products and services. Roughly 40% of online purchases are made from a mobile device, making it a no-brainer tactic to increase sales.
    • A Branding Tool
      What better way to build your brand’s presence than by having your app on smartphones? That is arguably the most valuable space for a business these days. Having your app on mobile screens makes your business accessible and convenient—two traits that drive revenue.
    • Market Research
      Together, we’ll take a look at your target market. Specifically, we’ll figure out what an app for your business can offer, or what customer “pain point” your app can address that your competitors currently do not. That means examining your competitors’s apps and seeing what works, what doesn’t and incorporating all of that into our development strategy. Of course, we need to figure out what your customers need.
    • Resolve Pain Points
      If you want to develop an app just because everyone else has one, it will fail. What your customers need, or their “problem” and how you intend to address it, should be the driving force of the development process. With your input, we’ll find their “pain point,” making that the focus of your business’ app.
App Development

Our Approach

Once we figure out what your customers need and how your mobile app will address it, we’ll build a blueprint that determines what needs to be designed and developed. This will be our reference point, and it will map out your app’s purpose and value.

  • Designing
    Together with Falco Digital’s app developers and designers, we’ll devise the perfect look for your business’ app, tailored to your vision.
  • Testing
    Once we’ve got a design you are happy with, we’ll test it to ensure optimal usability. That means making sure our mockup is feasible and ferreting out any bugs or issues that may cause problems.
  • Design and Development
    Next, we’ll start building your app. In consultation with our designers, we’ll make sure your app is on-brand while ensuring all the necessary functionality exists to ease your customers’ “pain.”
  • More Testing
    Once built, we will test every aspect of your app. Does it work the way you envisioned it, while solving your customers’ problem? We’ll iron out any kinks and make sure your app is ready for a soft rollout.
  • Beta Launch
    Once your app is ready, we encourage you to launch an early version targeted at early adapters or “influencers” within your target market. You want these people to get their hands on the app first. Their feedback is crucial, as they are the ones who will help spread the word. Plan a larger launch once they make it clear they love your new app and are willing to endorse it.
  • Launch
    Once your beta rollout has gone smoothly and your app is gaining traction, you are ready to launch it everywhere! Uploading your new app to the Google Play store is a snap. Getting it into Apple’s iOS store is a bit more of a process, but we’ll walk you through it.

If you are looking to develop a mobile app for your business, or need any help with your digital marketing strategy, get in touch with us.