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Video Production

What is Video Production?

In recent years, video production has emerged as a wildly successful way to boost your digital marketing efforts. As video grows in popularity, it is only natural that you’ll explore it as an option to boost your business. Using video is vital to ensuring you remain competitive in a modern business climate.

Why is video production so important today? Because many prefer to learn or be entertained via video than text. Video is engaging, compelling, easily shareable, and it gets and holds our attention. Also, the cost of video production has dropped significantly in recent years, allowing more than just large brands to produce quality video. Of course, “quality” and “high-quality” are vastly different things, and that is where Falco Digital comes into play.

As digital marketing experts, we have the skill and talent necessary to produce high-quality, engaging video content at competitive prices. Being able to deploy top-notch video content across your digital platforms is key to attracting new customers and, if effectively leveraged, can yield a significant return on investment (ROI).

  • Social Engagement Boost
    You’ve probably noticed your social media feeds filling up with video content lately, and with good reason—video is immensely popular. Augmenting your social feeds with video is a great way to engage new and current customers, while driving traffic to your profile pages and website.
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking
    Google and other search engines have noticed video’s popularity. By adding video to your digital marketing strategy, you are boosting your search rankings as well. Search engines notice when users are spending more time on sites due to video, and marks them as offering high-quality content, thus boosting your ranking.
Video Production

Types of Video

Video offers a lot of stylistic and technical options each with their own benefits. Depending on the circumstances, of course, one type of video may work better than another. Here are just a few of the more popular types of video you can produce to boost your business’ presence and gain more customers.

  • Demo Videos
    Because humans are visual learners, demo videos are great if you want to produce a quick how-to video for a product. Short, entertaining and engaging videos are a great way to explain how something works, as opposed to customers wasting their time flipping through unclear instruction manuals.
  • Brand Videos
    Introduce yourself to potential customers with a branded video. This gives you the opportunity to control the narrative and get creative in telling consumers’ your story. Brand videos allow you to make your business’ mission clear while building awareness and attracting customers.
  • Animations
    Animations are a great way to change things up and attract attention to your brand. Well-done animations are a great and novel way to explain concepts to your customers, especially abstract ones.
  • Personalized Messages
    Creating a short, personalized video to engage a customer is an amazing and often-underused method of leveraging video. Of course, producing a personalized video for each customer may not be feasible so pick your spots. Crafting a personal message and sending it to certain customers can create lasting customer loyalty, and is a great way to get people talking about your business. Never underestimate the power of the human touch.

We have years of expertise in producing top-quality video, so we’ll help you figure out exactly what kind of video you need!